Summer cocktail season is here!
Dresses at the ready!

Summer cocktail season is here!

Dresses at the ready!
Summer cocktail season is here!🍸

There is something about a cocktail in summer which feels special, a small treat in a glass! It’s refreshing, it’s a mini luxury, it's definitely what we need!

Here we round up three of our favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails for you to try!





This Tequila based cocktail made with fresh ruby (pink) grapefruit is refreshing and delicious. My firm favourite.

Ingredients for 1:

1 shot of white tequila

Half a fresh-squeezed ruby pink grapefruit

½ shot of agave syrup or honey 

Sparkling water



Mix the grapefruit, tequila and agave syrup in a short tumbler glass, add ice and top up with sparkling water. Decorate with fresh lime slices.




A wine spritzer and summer go hand in hand, but this strawberry-rose spritzer is an extra special treat!

Ingredients for 1:

750ml bottle of wine

1 punnet of strawberries tops removed and sliced

1 750ml bottle of rose wine

2 cups of sparkling water

1/3 cup of Aperol

2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice



Combine the strawberries and wine in a large jug and chill for 3 house in the fridge to infuse. When ready to serve stir in the soda water, Aperol and fresh lemon juice. Pour over ice-filled glasses. 






This cucumber-based non-alcoholic cocktail is divine. You can whip it up in under 5 minutes and although involves a little more washing it is definitely worth it! 




Fresh Lemon Juice

Sparkling water or lemonade if you want a sweeter cocktail



Start by peeling the cucumber and cutting it into smaller pieces, then add these to a blender. Blend for a minute or so until there are no large
pieces left. Squeeze in a bit of fresh lemon and pour over ice in a tumbler. Top up with sparkling water or clear lemonade. Decorate with a slice of cucumber. 



Casual Summer Dresses, Perfect For Cocktail Sipping!