We’ve been feeling the heat and what better way to enjoy the sunshine than kicking back with a chilled alcoholic concoction of your choice. We’ve picked some outfits inspired by our favourite cocktails so you'll know exactly what to wear to that next drinks date!

The espresso martini

  Sweet with a caffeine kick and, when made well, the alcohol is barely noticeable. A perfect early-evening choice. A perfect early-evening choice.  This classic was born and bred in Soho in the 80s and remains a firm choice with little need for variation.



50ml vodka (we recommend Ketel One)

35ml Kahlúa (coffee liquer)

25ml espresso shot

A dash of vanilla gomme syrup (optional for taste)


Shake all ingredients well with ice before straining into a chilled martini glass. (Chilling the glass keeps your cocktails at optimum temperature for longer).

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 Aperol spritz

  Popular with Italians, this is a wine based cocktail seen on many a sunny Venetian terrace. With a great scope for variation, the Aperol spritz is an aperitif which can be tailored to your particular tastes.

Making this is as easy as 3, 2, 1: three parts prosecco or white wine, two parts aperol, one part soda. We recommend this recipe:


50ml Aperol

75ml Prosecco or dry white wine

A splash of soda

(25ml gin, entirely optional!)

Slice of orange


Simply fill a large balloon wine glass with ice allow the glass to chill while you prepare your other ingredients. Pour the ingredients over the ice cubes starting with the Aperol and finishing with the dash of soda.

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 The Kir Royale

A French cocktail combining dry champagne poured over crème de cassis (an upgrade on the traditional Kir which simply uses white wine). A fruity summer twist for champagne lovers which remains another popular summer aperitif after its rise to popularity following World War II. Swap crème de cassis for a good quality raspberry liqueur like Chambord depending on your tastes.



2-3 teaspoons crème de cassis (according to taste)

Your favourite dry champagne


Let the crème de cassis settle at the bottom of a chilled champagne flute glass. Pour the champagne gradually over an upside down teaspoon so the champagne settles more gently on top of the crème de cassis. This creates a layered cocktail, stunning everyone with its presentation. 

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The amaretto sour

 As a part of the ‘sours’ family, the amaretto sour is a twist on the more common whiskey sour. Creamy yet refreshing, this is a far better fit for those with a sweeter tooth. Next time you’re at a cocktail bar and you can’t find this on the menu, ask the bartender to mix you one. And if you’re keen to try making one at home…



60 ml Disaronno

The juice of half a lemon

1 small egg white

A dash of Agnostura Aromatic bitters

(a dash of vanilla gomme syrup, optional for added sweetness)


Chill a tumbler/old fashioned glass while you prepare your ingredients. Shake your egg white on its own to emulsify it before adding the rest of the ingredients (except bitters). The rest of the ingredients should be shaken with ice before being poured over into your chilled glass. Add the dash of bitters to complete and garnish with a slice of lemon.


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The Tom Collins

A classic gin-based cocktail with a citrus edge. Simple and slightly bitter, the Tom Collins is built tall into the glass to quench your thirst as well as refresh. Although likely to be of British provenance, the cocktail’s origin has been fought over. Nonetheless, the Tom Collins has been a hit since the 19th century. We recommend all gin lovers to give this one a try at home. 



50ml gin (we recommend Sipsmiths London Dry)

Juice of half a lemon

Soda Water

A dash of gomme syrup


Fill a high ball glass with ice and pour over the gin. Follow with the other ingredients and stir.

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