Meet Sara and Jack Offenbach, founders of ladies’ clothing group Shubette of London. After moving from Poland to England, Sara and Jack opened for business in 1913 under the trading name J.Offenbach. So how did J.Offenbach evolve into the chic, go-to eveningwear label for women, Gina Bacconi?

Before Jack and Sara made the move to England, they knew nothing of the fashion business. However, after a discussion with a friend who was a machinist, they lost no time in setting up J.Offenbach. Their first line was a collection of ladies’ coats, whose high style ensured they sold very well. Despite two World Wars and the Great Depression, the business flourished and welcomed Jack and Sara’s three sons as designers and manufacturers after World War II.

J.Offenbach became Shubette of London, whose designers created Gina Bacconi, a high quality premium brand now approaching a special birthday…

And now in the hands of the third and fourth generations of the Offenbach family, Shubette is a renowned design, manufacturing, wholesale and online retail group of high quality ladieswear.

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