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Here at Gina Bacconi, we know the mother of the bride well, with a long tradition of catering to the diverse tastes of the most important guest at the wedding. So here are our top tips to ensure flawless style for ladies on their proudest day!

Wedding colour scheme and theme

Is there one? Your daughter will have her own ideas about what the bridesmaids will wear, and the general theme for the wedding. Using this as your starting point, a colour scheme could give you inspiration, and could also tell you what definitely not to wear!


What season will the wedding be in? Let this guide your search. Summers are probably more synonymous with brighter pastel colours, while an autumn wedding could inspire purples or navy.

Accidental copying

Of all the occasions to turn up in a duplicate outfit, your daughter’s wedding is probably not the most convenient! We recommend checking with the mother of the groom to see if she might be wearing anything similar to what you had in mind. The result: you will both look individual, stunning, and avoid any awkward “was that planned?” comments.

What to avoid

Keep your look timeless by avoiding bold and busy prints. Fashionable prints at the time can quickly look dated. Avoiding these will not only keep you looking classic, but also create harmony with the rest of the wedding party. This doesn’t mean to say that lace or embroidered fabrics are out of the question, quite the opposite!

Accessorise well

Nothing says the complete look better than coordination in the accessories department. We’re talking hats, fascinators and clutch bags. At Gina Bacconi we have a range of coordinating mother of the bride looks, which we have designed specifically to create a stunning ensemble.

Jacket or shawl

We can’t expect you to predict the weather on the day months in advance, even for a summer wedding, so make sure you’re prepared for all outlooks. A jacket will not only have your style covered for a chilly day, but also take you seamlessly into the evening. Have a look at Gina Bacconi’s extensive range of jackets and shawls, all effortlessly coordinating with our Mother of the Bride collection looks.

Stay true to your style

When the day arrives, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your outfit, so what is most important is something you are comfortable in and can wear with confidence.