Here at Gina Bacconi we've been hunting down the best of Instagram. From travel pages to pets with lifestyle blogs, we've got you covered in our top 5 this month... 

 Symmetry Breakfast (@symmetrybreakfast)


This couple in Hackney have cooked their way to a verification label and almost 600k followers (including a certain Jamie Oliver) through their beautifully composed breakfast spreads. Posting near enough each day without fail, the reuslt is a unique pair of dishes that take inspiration from cuisines all over the globe. Despite the label "breakfast", their prolific posts and stunning culinary aesthetic has been inspiring our cooking exploits whether it be be brunch for a partner or hosting guests at a dinner party. 

 Parisian Floors (@parisianfloors)


A quasi-travel blog with a difference, this instagrammer snaps his way through the floors of the world. With his main locations being Paris and London, photographer Sebastian Erras shares his urban observations through one perspective: down. The repetitive composition focus our minds, each using his unique method of documenting a city's beauty through it's flooring. 

 The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew (@kewgardens) 


The gardens at Kew are a hub for international botanic research and a world-famous London attraction. Their instagram page makes it hard to believe that all of this is situated not far off our Central London stamping ground in Richmond. The exotic plants, rare wildlife and beautiful garden vistas has definitely made us want to visit soon!

 Jacintha Verdegaal (@urbanpixxels) 


One of our favourite travel and lifestyle bloggers at the moment, this urban explorer brings us the best scenes from cities around the world (London most definitely included!). Many of the locations photographed are iconic yet the viewpoint and composition is characteristically individual. Looking at the world through the eyes of an explorer, scrolling through this page has definitely inspired us to get out there and see the world differently (or just for some escapism on a rainy day at work!) 

 Jamon (@Jamonthepig)

A pig from Brazil with his own lifestyle blog inspiring us all to appreciate the small things in life like food, friendship and sleep. We're just going to leave this here...


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