What better way to spend this bank holiday weekend than by hosting (or attending!) a BBQ while its still summer? We’ve put together our guide to make your summer BBQ a sizzling success… And some outfit picks to match!


Here’s our step by step guide and top tips!


1 -  Number of guests – how many people are coming dictates what quantity of food to buy.

2 -  Ingredients – always get extra just in case! If you end up with leftovers, then all the better for the host!

3 -  Prepare ahead – many salad dressings, BBQ marinades and food prep can be done ahead of the date. The less you leave till the day of the BBQ, the more time you’ll have to socialise and spend time with your guests.

4 - Pick an outfit – we've selected some pieces from our collection to inspire your look. 

5 - Enjoy!


Show stopper salads... 



Something to add colour to the tables and wow even the strongest of sworn meat lovers. Griddle sweet potato slices and dress with a roughly blended mixture of olive oil, chilli and (smoked) garlic to taste. Garnish with mint for the perfect finish.



 Dazzling main dishes...




While BBQ’s can often be associated with piles of chargrilled burgers and sausages (and don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that!) why not add some variety? Salmon on the BBQ works extremely well, and is deceptively simple. Glaze in honey, soy sauce and wasabi and watch your guests be amazed.



Delicious dips... 



A BBQ wouldn’t quite be the same without a dip. Despite the shop shelves being filled with choice, nothing beats a home-made hummus or ketchup, and it always impresses the guests!


Powerful punch...



Something to both refresh and complement your array of dishes, you can't go wrong with a pink lemonade sparkling punch! It's as simple as mixng lemonade, cranberry juice, and prosecco.