Fraudulent Websites

At Gina Bacconi, we work hard to provide our customers with high quality, beautiful products designed by us and manufactured to our exacting standards. We have been made aware that fraudulent websites are imitating our products and even using our customer service email address to hide their activities. We want to help our loyal and new customers protect themselves against these websites and any companies who claim to be selling Gina Bacconi products.

In order to do this, you should avoid buying from any website that has a “too good to be true” offer, whether that’s on price, delivery, design or any other part of the service you want from an online purchase. The Gina Bacconi products these websites are selling are not authorised by us and are counterfeit products imitating our exclusive designs. If you receive a dress from one of these websites, it is likely to be a very poor-quality imitation. Far more likely, such websites will take your money without delivering any product at all.

If you believe you have made a purchase from a fraudulent website please contact your Bank and Action Fraud as soon as possible.

Also, please follow the link below for an article by Which? that will inform you on how to spot a fraudulent website: